Emerging Professionals

It goes without saying that every newcomer to the lighting industry will come up against their own unique challenges as they journey into and through their new career in lighting. The intention of the IES Emerging Professional (EP) Program is to provide a platform for its members to express their needs and concerns. The IES EP Program will provide exclusive opportunities for EPs to receive mentorship from established industry professionals within their Chapter.

Through specially created events and opportunities geared toward education, community, and networking for members, the IES Emerging Professionals Program was developed to facilitate up and comers in the lighting industry with the backing they need when pursuing their personal and professional goals.



To construct and foster supportive relationships among students of lighting, newcomers to the industry, and established IES members. The initiative shall encourage the collaboration between Emerging Professionals and their IES Society Leaders.


What is the Definition of an Emerging Professional?

An Emerging Professional is either a student who is interested in lighting, who is seeking lighting education, or who is entering the lighting industry after graduation or a lighting professional that has been working in the industry for five (5) or less years.


What is the Definition of an Emerging Professional Mentor?

An EP Mentor is a lighting professional who has been working in the lighting industry for five (5) or more years. Their responsibility to the EP is to provide and promote professionalism, education, and industry support.


We are pleased to announce that anyone registered as an IES Emerging Professional or Student Member will be able to receive reduced rates to attend any IESBC events

Contact our local Emerging Professional chair (ep@iesbc.org) and get involved!