Installation complete!  Join us for Lumiere Festival this Friday!

EmergeIESBC is proud to be part of this year’s Lumiere Festival, with their design “Light Gives Life” at the Davie Community Garden. In continuing their celebration for the International Year of Light and in representing IESBC as educators of the lighting industry, EmergeIESBC designed an installation where visitors can learn about the importance of light through the experience.

Made entirely of recycled plastic bottles, solid hanger wires and LED strip lighting, “Light Gives Life” is a celebration of photosynthesis. “In order to live, we need oxygen. To produce oxygen, we need plants. The plants need sunlight to grow and to produce oxygen… Therefore #LIGHTGIVESLIFE, yielding our concept of photosynthesis.”

Please join EmergeIESBC at Lumiere Festival Dec. 11th-12th.  We’ll be meeting at 6pm at Davie
Community Garden
(corner of Davie St. and Burrard St.).

SPECIAL THANKS to our SPONSORS for this opportunity could not be possible without their support and generousity.


LMFESTLumiere Festival Vancouver For the opportunity to create an experience for our local public community, to create conversations over light and art.


WEBIAWestEndBIA For providing funding, community support/contacts and offering to share your boardroom space for our installation.

BLBL Innovative Lighting For your generous contribution of LED lighting supplies and your continuous support to EmergeIESBC.

INDEPENDENTDavie St. Your Independent Grocer For providing us with all the recycled bottles needed for the installation.

Lastly and most importantly, THANK YOU to our EP members, student members, mentors and volunteers who spent numerous of hours of dedication and passion towards this project.  Thank you to all who participated!

Jason Nicholls
Eddie Tsai
Sharon Lum
Harneet Randhawa
Nicholas Zeng
Christina Gu
Sammy Lee
Athena Stratis
Emily Lee
Lorraine Lai
Bahareh Parsa
Yvonne Lum
Martina Vanousova
Diana Ng
Kim Glauber
Svea Poulsen
Sepideh Aghazadeh
Divya Dias
Sasha Khoury
Roy Choi
Stephen Chan

To become involved in our local BC section please visit
our website below and follow us on Facebook and Twitter
or email us at EP@IESBC.ORG