Call for Entries: IESBC Vision Awards open January 1, 2017


Call for Entries: IESBC Vision Awards open January 1, 2017

B.C. based designers are invited to submit their lighting projects by February 17, 2017.

(Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada): On January 1, 2017, the Illuminating Engineering Society of British Columbia (IESBC) will be accepting lighting project submissions for their 2017 Vision Awards. All B.C. based interior designers, architects, engineers, landscape architects, and lighting designers with projects completed between January 2014 and December 31, 2016, can apply. The submission deadline is February 17, 2017.

“The IESBC Vision Awards is the perfect platform for lighting industry participants to share their passion for lighting,” states Sunny Ghataurah, President and CEO of AES Engineering Ltd. “The Vision Awards further stimulates the lighting design community to strive for creativity and it was an honour to be recognized in 2016. We look forward to participating next year.”

IESBC is a not-for-profit that celebrates outstanding B.C. lighting engineers and designers, and provides an environment for sharing knowledge to advance the career paths of its members. The IESBC Vision Awards is stage one leading up to IES’s National Illumination Awards. This is not a competition and submissions will be judged based on how well the lighting design meets the program criteria.

The award categories include:

The Lighting Redesign Award, sponsored by BC Hydro

To apply to the IESBC Vision Awards, visit

IESBC provides monthly seminars to educate trade, residential designers and lighting enthusiasts, and aids in the application of international award opportunities and IES’s Illumination Awards. For more information on IESBC, including membership and upcoming seminars, visit

Operating for over 60 years, IES British Columbia, a section of the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES), is a volunteer run, not-for-profit technical society dedicated to promoting the art and science of lighting. Known as the go-to community for the newest lighting codes and by-laws, IESBC provides an environment for sharing knowledge and ideas to advance the career paths of all its members. IESBC seeks to improve the lighted environment by bringing together those with lighting knowledge and translating knowledge into actions to benefit the public and provide support for emerging lighting professionals.



Illumination Award for Lighting Control Innovation, sponsored by the Lighting Controls Association. Advanced lighting control solutions can provide significant energy savings, flexibility and other benefits in buildings. This prestigious award recognizes good lighting projects that exemplify the effective use of lighting controls in nonresidential applications. Guidelines suggestive of what to include in your submission are available.

Illumination Award for Interior Lighting Design, sponsored by Edwin Guth. In 1902 Edwin F. Guth founded the St. Louis Brass Company and later renamed it the Edwin F. Guth Company. Mr. Guth’s profound creativity, entrepreneurialism and focus to improve interior lighting are partially represented through 147 patents awarded to him prior to his passing in 1962. This award recognizes exceptional interior lighting projects that balance the functional illumination of space with the artistic application of light to enhance the occupant’s experience.

Illumination Award for Outdoor Lighting Design, sponsored by Eaton. The Outdoor Lighting Design Award recognizes excellence in lighting design and application in all aspects of exterior lighting. The program celebrates achievements in aesthetics, applied technical acumen, creative solutions to demanding site conditions and advancements to the industry in outdoor lighting applications. The goal of the program is to further the understanding, knowledge and function of outdoor lighting as a critical aspect of the built environment.

Illumination Award for Energy and Environmental Lighting Design, sponsored by Osram Sylvania. The Energy and Environmental Design Award recognizes quality lighting installations in commercial and industrial buildings that incorporate advanced energy-saving strategies and environmentally responsible solutions into the overall design.

The Lighting Redesign Award, sponsored by BC Hydro. BC Hydro Power Smart presents the Lighting Redesign Award to recognize local talents that bring innovation and energy efficiency in lighting design. The Lighting Redesign Award recognizes quality lighting redesign, or major retrofit installations in existing commercial and industrial buildings, that incorporate advanced energy-saving strategies and environmentally responsible solutions into the overall design, without sacrificing visual interest.