Lighting Controls Now & Then

The IESBC is happy to present a lighting controls workshop on February 20th with speakers from PLC Multipoint, Osram-Sylvania, and Technilum presenting on the then/now/future of lighting controls. Topics will include light sensor technology, Light system management, LiFi, and lessons we can learn from technologies used in Europe.

Breakfast & Snacks Included

6 Vendor tables available.
Contact Nikolay @ BChydro for more info (
This event is worth 3 LC Credits!

Event Schedule

6:00am – Vendor table setup
7:00am – Registration open
7:20am – Opening remarks
7:30am – 8:30am Presentation by Norm Dittman
8:30am – 9:00am Break
9:00am  – 10:00am Presentation by RB Evans. 
10:00am – 10:30am Break
10:30am – 11:30am Presentation by Perrick Le Luherne
11:30am – Wrap up


Norm Dittmann

Norm Dittmann

President at PLC Multipoint

Specializing in lighting control systems for tunnel and bridges, Norm and his father, Fred, took over PLC Multipoint in 1991. Operating out of Everett, Washington, PLC projects branch from designing and manufacturing lighting control systems for Air Rights Tunnels and the Caldecott Tunnel, to fixing lights in tunnels in New York from Hurricane Sandy, to producing light sensors for GE. 

Presentation Overview / Learning Objectives

Light Sensor Technology
• Traditional (illuminance, luminance) vs New (Multi-Spectrum Sensor Analysis)
• Utilization of color control: Projection, Reflection, Detection
• Devices and Protocol

RB Evans

R.B. Evans

Business Development Manager at Osram-Sylvania-Encelium Controls

R.B. Evans spend 25 years of his career as one of the Nationa/Regional Management for multi-state and national markets, specializing in new product introduction and re-building territories & under-performing products. Under Enceluim Lighting Controls, R.B. work closely with building owners and have developed an agency and distribution network to offer state of the art lighting control for commercial buildings. Years prior, R.B. was the national sales manager at Aleddra LED and developed and grew LED products to obtain UL and other safety certifications.

Pierrick le Luherne
Sales Manager at Technilum

Pierrick is the sales manager for Technilum in Canada. Coming from France he arrived in April 2018 and currently live in Montréal. Before that he was based in Paris, still working for Technilum. He participated of the realization of major lighting project in the French capital.
Graduated from a business school he first worked in Construction then Pharmaceutical field before discovering his passion: participate to the transformation of the cities through the urban lighting furniture.

Presentation Overview

LiFi technology for “Light Fidelity” is a new method to connect wirelessly mobile devices and other connected devices used LED lights. LiFi enabled lightbulb transmit data at speeds at 50 Mbps, with theoretical speeds of 224 Gbps. With 14 billion light points in the world, LEDs make LiFi a strong candidate to become the 3rd generation communciation network. This technology has applications in multiple applications such as offices, hospitals, smart cities, transportation, and more. Urban campus Paris-Salcay, AKA “French Silicon Valley”, aims to showcase this innovative technology in their lighting solutions.


• What is Lifi ?
• In what circumstances it can be propose ?
• How can it be applied to an outdoor environment?
• With a concrete example what are the key steps and main difficulties to deliver this technology?