Fundamentals of Lighting (FOL-09) Kelowna, BC

Fundamentals of Lighting is a 3-day course covering an introduction to the basics of lighting. IESBC is holding a session in Kelowna, BC. There is a discount pricing with FBC Code – please contact Karen d’Aoust (250-469-8035) for the code.

The schedule for this course is as follows:

April 10 (Friday)

  • Light Vision & Colour
  • Lighting Design Guide
  • Light Sources & Ballasts
  • Luminaires & Controls


April 11 (Saturday)

  • Lighting Calculations & Photometry
  • Lighting for Interiors


April 25 (Day 3)

  • Lighting for Interiors cont’d
  • Lighting for Exterior
  • Energy Management
  • Exam


Please complete the form below and return by April 3, 2015.

FOL-09 Kelowna