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ED-150 - Intermediate Lighting Course - Third Segment


The ED 150 has been broken into three segments. Upon successful completion of all three segments a certificate will be awarded. This educational program is designed as the “next step” for those who have already completed FOL-09 (ED 100) or those with a number of years of experience in lighting.

Please complete registration by January 30, 2012 (minimum 7 students required)

We are offering ED-150 as a Webinar series in conjunction with the Vancouver course. The webinar would be run in “real-time” at the same time as the Vancouver course. There will be an additional cost for the webinar series. The exact amount will be based on the number of external participants. We expect the additional cost to be approximately $100 to $150 per site. Off site participants are encouraged to organize a group to help reduce their costs and to also create a better environment for learning.

Ideally, participants will attend the last session of the course and then attend the other 14 sessions through a web and conference call system. Please call or email Owen Stevens if you are interested (604-788-0234


Monday, May 7, 2012 - 18:00 to Monday, June 11, 2012 - 21:00
DateDay of WeekSession IDTopic
May 7, 2012MondayED-150-7ALumen Method
May 14, 2012MondayED-150-X4Applications for Exterior Lighting
May 28, 2012MondayED-150-X3Applications for Impact Lighting
June 4, 2012MondayED-150-X2Applications for Critical Seeing
June 11, 2012MondayED-150-X5Project Presentations/Evaluations

Event Organizer:

Owen Stevens British Columbia
Phone: (604) 291-1515

Registration Open:


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